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Pope Election Question

Are there Pope candidates on the ballot from which the cardinals choose? Like, has it been narrowed down to, say, 5 candidates? Or are the cardinals just writing in WHOEVER and hoping that someone gets enough votes?  And if that’s the case, does this person even want to be Pope?  Can they decline?

And speaking of feminism* - as someone who isn’t Catholic but will be raising a Catholic child - can we please get some women up in this Catholic leadership please?  Or is that against the “rules” or something?  (How does any of this work?)

I tried to do some research but got bored by all the words. 

*Since the internet and media outlets have been ABLAZE lately talking about how one should go about being a feminist and a woman.

  1. lifemoreexciting said: I follow “cafeteria Catholicism” with my family…I pick & choose what works. A woman cannot be pope. They can’t even be priests. Long story short, because Jesus said so.
  2. jesssbedazzle said: It used to be whoever was the richest family in Italy would have a member be Pope. The reason a female cannot be Pope is that the Roman Catholic church takes from the Bible where it states the male is head of the household and, therefore, the church.
  3. norlypleaseexcusethemess said: personally i find it impossible to be a feminist and a catholic - even a feminist lite. i had to give up a good portion of the catholic beliefs to be true to myself. they’re highly contradictory imo.
  4. sixohthree said: I have friends who were raised (Irish) Catholic and one Jewish/Catholic household and they are all pretty strong women/feminists. I’ve noticed that their parents focused more on the values and traditions and didn’t focus on the outdated “rules”.
  5. meesharose said: The washington post had a really interesting article on how they will elect the next pope. I think after 33 votes, the top two contenders become the only contenders
  6. allisonfoley said: its ok - you can raise someone to have catholic beliefs without subscribing to every ridiculous rule… and believe me, there are MANY…
  7. michelleomatic said: My mom is a Catholic feminist who raised feminists (me and my bros) who don’t happen to be Catholic anymore. There are a few liberal movements… but really you can also make critical and thoughtful arguments with Patrick at home for context.
  8. veggielife said: I think the last pope just recently re-confirmed why there will “never” be any women as Catholic priests/Cardinals/pope/etc. I think since they all pray about it the idea is that the next pope is ACTUALLY chosen by god (?) so they prob can’t decline
  9. andthankyoulambies said: as a female Catholic, they are not known for feminism. Most nuns take a vow of poverty while priests do not. The no married priests is from olden times when church land would have stayed in the family. The church was all “hell no” to that.
  10. luciwithani said: any male catholic is eligible (ugh), but they cannot outright campaign, and only speak in latin in the conclave or individually. it’s insane and i am obsessed with this fuckery.
  11. ramblings-of-em said: Typically there are 4-5 “front runners” and i have no idea if one has ever “declined” I would think not though, I think they have such strong faith that even if they didnt WANT to be Pope they would say something like “well its God’s will”
  12. nibblesandbits said: If you’re worried about social justice within the catholic church, I’ve noticed my catholic friends really ignore what’s happening in the vatican. American catholics and vatican catholics are nearly two separate religions from what I can tell. Says the lapsed jewish girl who…
  13. fullcredit said: "I tried to do some research but got bored by all the words." A++++ amazing that is me every day
  14. behindthelevee said: Pretty sure there’s been some sassy leader nuns (… ), but they don’t let them play in the boys’ club.
  15. asilverpipess said: The Pope is *technically* filling the role of St. Peter (the first pope). So I guess that’s why a lady can’t be Pope (or a priest, for that matter)… She ain’t got no Peter. (SHAZAAAM)
  16. messily said: NYT has a good article today. Basically they can write whoever but candidates are campaigning behind the scenes. They keep voting twice a day until somebody gets 2/3 of the vote. As for women I think they believe that’s against god’s will or something.
  17. asitypethis said: They all get a white piece of paper, write a name & fold it the same way. The 5 guys at the front read all of the aloud. After each vote they burn the papers. When the smoke’s black they keep voting. When it’s white a new Pope has been named!
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