Monkey Chow
  • Mixed some carrots into my normal green juice and I did not hate it. 
  • Watched this video of goats yelling like humans about 17 times. Spit coffee all over myself and cried laughing with each viewing. 
  • I will be putting up my “out of office until May” around noon and plan on spending the rest of the afternoon watching television.
  • Then I will put on my cutest outfit (read: the same non-leggings outfit I’ve been wearing anytime I leave the house for the past month) and head into Manhattan to meet Jason for dinner at our favorite steakhouse, Dylan Prime. (BRING ME ALL THE SIDE DISHES! TX!)
  • Home by 9:30 (at the absolute latest), watching Dateline in bed, but I’ll probably fall asleep 15 minutes into it because that’s how it works.

Our time as a twosome is officially, doctor ordered, coming to an end and Baby will be here on Monday. (Unless You Know Who decides to show up over the weekend but I seriously doubt that. This child is all sorts of comfy and obviously isn’t going to budge without a little help.)  So, we’re determined to take advantage and celebrate all of it. 

Exciting stuff, huh?

Happy Friday, friends!

  1. amazonite-aura said: Baby comes tomorrow? So exciting. Shares a birthday with my baby brother (who turns 19 tomorrow!)
  2. peoniesandcocktails said: !!!
  3. hershapeinthedoorway said: Your baby and me are sharing a birthday, then!!!!!!!
  4. judiism said: happy friday! happy last weekend pre-baby!
  5. thegreatworldofmelissa said: Enjoy your baby free weekend!
  6. myheartgoespitterpatter said: congrats on baby due date! p.s. dp’s truffle lobster mac ‘n’ cheese is basically heaven in food form.
  7. shimmyrock said: BABY MONDAY!!!!!!! Best of luck and enjoy the weekend. Thinking of you.