Monkey Chow
Upstate Wine Tasting

My sister and her family live in very, very Upstate New York. I’m talking 30 miles from the Canadian boarder, dairy farm country Upstate New York. 

Jason and I are going up there for Memorial Day weekend and I just remembered they have a wine trail up there. Like, there are five wineries that produce (at least decent, I’m assuming) wine and have tasting rooms. And, I found company that provides tours every Sunday & Monday. SCORE!  Even better is the price!  For $59 a person you get round trip transportation a “luxury” bus, all tasting fees, brunch at one of the wineries, a wine glass, and a commemorative tote bag. 

I’m used to Napa / Sonoma / Satan Ynez / Paso Robles / Temecula prices. This seems like the best bargain in the wine world. 

  1. zedislepidus said: Riesling from upstate new york is a wondrous thing. Especially from vineyards off the fingerlakes.
  2. kippysworld said: I love upstate NY wine. If you’re going to the finger lakes I have a tons of suggestions. I’m from fake upstate (near Woodstock,) my inlaws are from across the St. Lawrence from Canada and we got engaged in the finger lakes.
  3. butwhyisallthewinegone said: i used to be at Watertown/Fort Drum! is that where your sister is?
  4. meganz said: I’ve been and I think your sister may live near my fam…
  5. blueeyedgreek said: It’s the best part of visiting my aunts in the Finger Lakes :)
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